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Agency Network

Tarrant Area Food Bank provides donated and purchased food to more than 300 partner charities in Tarrant and 12 neighboring counties on the west side of the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) metropolitan area. 

These Partner Agencies provide assistance to individuals and families in the form of bags of groceries to take home, hot meals served on-site, or snacks served during a group activity.

Each month, on average, the network distributes food to 50,000 or more households and provides food equivalent to more than 2 million meals.

The people served include children, the elderly, the severely disabled, victims of AIDS and other chronic diseases, victims of abuse, the working poor and the unemployed.

For a child's perspective on hunger, watch Kate's video.

For more information:

"Faces of Hunger" (PDF, one page) 

"Hunger Facts (PDF, one page)

Serving North Texas Families
Serving North Texas families

Individuals and families seeking food and other assistance can find help in their ZIP code areas by calling the United Way Community Information & Referral Service any day of the week, any hour of the day.  The three-digit phone number is 2-1-1. Cell phone users should dial 817-258-8100.

Serving North Texas families Serving North Texas Families

Agencies & Programs in the Network

  • Emergency food pantries
  • Emergency shelters for homeless and for battered women and children
  • Soup kitchens
  • Senior citizen centers
  • Low-income day care centers
  • After-school programs
  • Kids Cafes
  • Residential programs for children
  • Backpacks for Kids
  • Residential treatment programs
  • HIV/AIDS programs
  • Disaster relief agencies
  • Any other nonprofit agency that provides food to its clients

For a complete list of our network partners, see Partner Agencies by County by City.

Learn about the special feeding and nutrition programs we provide to families and individuals through our network partner charities in the booklet, Feeding and Nutrition Programs and Services (download PDF).


Tarrant Area Food Bank Service Region

Food Bank Service AreaOur network of local nonprofit agencies serves Fort Worth and other communities spread over 13 counties, an area larger than the state of Vermont.

Dividing this service region into five stacked tiers, it begins at the North end on the Red River with Cooke County, continues south to Tier 2, West to East, with Wise and Denton Counties; Tier 3 with Palo Pinto, Parker and Tarrant Counties; Tier 4 with Erath, Hood, Somervell south of Hood, and Johnson Counties; and Tier 5 with Hamilton, Bosque and Hill Counties, just north of Waco.


Tarrant Area Food Bank  is operated in accordance with U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, which prohibits discrimination on the bases of race, color, national origin, age, disability, political beliefs, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, reprisal and, where applicable, marital status and familial or parental status.