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Map the Meal Gap 2013

The extent of hunger and food insecurity in the United States by county is reported in the third Map the Meal Gap study released by Feeding America, the national food bank network. Map the Meal Gap 2013 is based on 2011 data, the latest available. The research for the study was supported by the Howard G. Buffett Foundation, Nielsen and The ConAgra Foods Foundation.

See the Food Insecurity Estimates in Tarrant Area Food Bank's Service Region:

Find out about hunger throughout the USA in the Executive Summary of the 2013 report (PDF).


Hunger in America 2014:  The Report for Tarrant Area Food Bank

In August 2014, Feeding America released Hunger in America 2014, a comprehensive and detailed study on hunger and Americans who sought food assistance from private, nonprofit agencies in 2012.

A regional report from this study prepared for Tarrant Area Food Bank (TAFB) presents a picture of hunger for our 13-county service area as a whole.  The following documents relating to our regional hunger report are available on this site:  Key Findings for TAFB and TAFB Regional Report 2014.


For a brief overview of hunger in the U.S., Texas and Tarrant Area Food Bank's 13-county service region, see Hunger Facts (pdf).
* Hunger in the United States is measured by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as low or very low food security, that is, “food insecurity.”  Food insecurity is the inability to consistently access adequate amounts of nutritious food necessary for a healthy life. Any degree of food insecurity can lead to malnutrition and chronic hunger, which adversely affect a person’s health, and, in the case of the seriously ill or the very young or very old, can even threaten one’s life.
** Regional survey for Tarrant Area Food Bank conducted in 2009 as part of Hunger in America 2010, a study commissioned by Feeding America, the nationwide network of regional food banks.