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The Tarrant Area Food Bank (TAFB) network consists of 300-plus nonprofit organizations and programs in 13 counties around Fort Worth, Texas. These food assistance agencies and programs provide assistance in the form of bags of groceries to take home, hot meals served on-site or snacks served during a group activity.

Find your community's Tarrant Area Food Bank Partner Agencies listed by county by city.   

For prospective Partner Agencies, see Requirements for Partnership with Tarrant Area Food Bank.


Client at food pantry           Seniors at a meal


Protection for Food Aid Charities

State and federal laws protect food aid charities, businesses, governmental entities and individuals who donate food in good faith from civil or criminal liability should such donated food later cause harm to a recipient. Following standard food safety practices helps providers of donated food avoid distributing unsafe product.

Texas Good Faith Donor Act (pdf)

U.S. Good Samaritan Act (pdf)

Guidelines for Food Safety (pdf: "Safe Food Handling & Distribution Requirements for TAFB Partner Agencies" booklet)


TAFB Programs and Services for Partner Agencies

  • Nutrition Services: Nutrition and Food Safety Education is provided by our Nutrition Services team. They offer educational materials, hands-on courses and workshops for heads of households, children, families and senior citizens.  
  • Community Gardens: This initiative guides and inspires communities to grow their own produce and to share their excess with those at risk of hunger and malnutrition.
  • SNAP Assistance:  Tarrant Area Food Bank helps families and individuals access public assistance programs to supplement their nutrition and protect their health. Our SNAP/FoodStamp outreach staff are available to ensure that anyone who is eligible for public nutrition and health benefits is aware of the program and has the opportunity  to apply for these benefits.


Local Food Deserts and SNAP/Food Stamp Usage

  • USDA Food Desert Map: A food desert is any area in the industrialized world where healthful, affordable food is difficult to obtain. This map shows the areas of need by city tract and the number of people that live within that food

Find your Congressional District here:



For more information about participating in the Tarrant Area Food Bank Agency Network, please email Agency Relations.


Tarrant Area Food Bank and its programs are operated in accordance with U.S. Department of Agriculture policy, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, gender, age, disability, religion, political belief or national origin.