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Hunger in America 2014


Hunger In America 2014 was commissioned by Feeding America and conducted by affiliate regional food banks. The national report was announced August 18, 2014 and can be downloaded at 

Highlights from the Regional Hunger in America Report for Tarrant Area Food Bank can be found here (PDF) or in a news release. For the full report for Tarrant Area Food Bank download this PDF.


Every four years, Tarrant Area Food Bank (TAFB) and other members of the Feeding America national food bank network participate in the most comprehensive study of charitable food assistance in the United States. 


Beginning in April and going through August 30, 2013, nearly 190 Feeding America food banks visited 16,000 agencies and conducted surveys with an estimated 70,000 clients. The data collected revealed racial/ethnic patterns, participation in federal food assistance programs, food security status, the frequency with which clients visit charities within our network and new demographic information such as veteran status, languages spoken and health status, in addition to family size, income, education levels, employment and other pertinent descriptive data.


The Hunger Study provides a critical snapshot of the circumstances of people served by the Feeding America network, including those in the 13 counties served by TAFB. Nationwide, no other data outside of the Hunger Study can help us understand and explain how “emergency feeding” is increasingly a source of supplemental feeding for millions of individuals.


Tarrant Area Food Bank received a report from the Hunger Study for its service region as a whole. The report gives us information about the circumstances of the people seeking food assistance from our network of food pantries, soup kitchens and emergency shelters in 13 counties.


Food Insecurity

Hunger in the United States is measured by the U.S. Department of Agriculture as low or very low food security, that is, “food insecurity.”

Food insecurity is the inability to consistently access adequate amounts of nutritious food necessary for a healthy life. Any degree of food insecurity can lead to malnutrition and chronic hunger, which threaten a person’s health. In the case of the seriously ill or the very young or very old, malnutrition and under-nourishment can even threaten an individual’s life.

In America, the food insecure, or hungry, may be your neighbors or someone in your workplace. He or she may be the child in school sitting next to your son or daughter.

Hunger in the Fort Worth Region

Some 517,000 residents--including 193,000 children--in the counties served by TAFB are food insecure, reports Map the Meal Gap 2014 study from Feeding America.

More information about hunger in Tarrant Area Food Bank’s service region and about the effects of hunger on children, the elderly and communities is offered at North Texas Faces of Hunger, Causes of Hunger, Children and Hunger, Elderly and Hunger and Resources.

Hunger in the United States: A documentary film (2013)

See and hear Americans' stories AND solutions to hunger in the U.S. in the documentary, A Place at the Table: One Nation.Underfed. Movie preview. Interview with film's directors on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.