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Tarrant Area Food Bank

Feeding North Texans in Need:  Hunger is Here. You Can Help.

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Hunger Awareness Tools/Opportunities

For the public at large and for individual and group Champions Against Hunger who wish to make local hunger real to their families, friends, colleagues, fellow worshippers, students, elected officials and others, we offer the following tools and opportunities:

Warehouse Tours

Warehouse Tours are conducted for any interested individual or group as well as first-time volunteers, food drive groups and financial and in-kind donors.


Speakers knowledgeable about local hunger and Tarrant Area Food Bank are available to speak for any length of time appropriate for your group.


Hunger 101 - An introduction to hunger and poverty

Developed by the Atlanta Community Food Bank, this group of classes with interactive activities comes as a prepared kit.  Tarrant Area Food Bank can lend the Hunger 101 kit, free of charge, to use with young children, adolescents or adults. The classes and their interactive activities focus on identifying populations at risk for hunger, the causes and effects of hunger and strategies to address hunger.

The most popular component of the program, the Community Food Game, is an interactive role-playing experience that explores food insecurity and hunger in the United States. Appropriate for groups of 15 to 50, the Food Game has participants take on the roles of consumers or of staff running community organizations, markets, or social service agencies. A minimum of 1.5 hours is needed to include activity and discussion.

All of these materials are free for you to use and adapt to your community.  Workshops led by Tarrant Area Food Bank staff are available on a limited basis.


Contact Us

To schedule Warehouse Tours

JoAnn Biggers, Community Development Liaison

817-332-9177, ext. 109


To schedule Speakers

Becky Delaune, Director of Business Development

817-332-9177, ext 132


To borrow the Hunger 101 kit
Romy Basil, Community Initiatives Coordinator
817-332-9177, ext. 123