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Feeding and Education Programs

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Tarrant Area Food Bank had partnered with Tarrant County Public Health to implement Community Gardens in Tarrant County. Public Health has funded the gardens through their Live a More Colorful Life program. TAFB will be responsible for training sites, facilitating garden implementation, and providing continuing support for the gardens in an effort to make them as sustainable as possible.


Current Partner Gardens


Neighborhood Needs Community Garden (Bhutanese Refugee Garden)                                Fort Worth, TX

Park Terrace Public Housing Refugee Garden                                                                       Fort Worth, TX

First Christian Church (Harvesting Hope Community Garden)                                                    Arlington, TX

Forest Hill Library Community Garden                                                                                    Forest Hill, TX

La Trinidad Methodist Church with Northside Interchurch Agency (El Jardin de Suenos)       Fort Worth, TX

Volunteers of America LIGHT Program (VOA LIGHT Community Garden)                                Fort Worth, TX

YWCA Polytechnic                                                                                                                 Fort Worth, TX

Mission Central at First United Methodist Hurst (The Village Garden)                                             Hurst, TX

Fountains Apartment Refugee Garden                                                                                  Fort Worth, TX

Southside Community Garden                                                                                               Fort Worth, TX

Refugee Services Garden                                                                                                      Fort Worth, TX

Harmony Healthy Harvest Community Garden                                                                      Fort Worth, TX

Project GROWTH with Feed By Grace Garden & Compost Program                                     Fort Worth, TX


Learning Garden

The Learning Garden will serve as a demonstration, training, and food production site.

This garden will be used to:

  • Demonstrate different gardening techniques to help gardeners tailor their garden to their agricultural & aesthetic preferences, environmental possibilities, and economical constraints. Styles will include everything from permacultured passive water harvesting  to cinderblock & wooden raised beds to rock keyholes and microclimate-rich spirals.
  • Facilitate community education to empower Food Bank Partner Agencies and other charitable organizations to create their own community gardens. TAFB will host Community Garden Leadership Training several times each year, as well as other educational opportunities across a wide variety of subjects.