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Feeding and Education Programs

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with Community Gardens


1. Become a volunteer "Go-To Gardener."*

    Are you an experienced gardener who would like to share your knowledge with beginners? Become a

    Go-To Gardener with one of our community gardens! Build relationships and share your expertise to

    help these gardens be as bountiful as possible.

2. Help plan and/or implement gardens at new garden sites.*

    • Garden Design.
    • Project planning/Sourcing materials.
    • Implementation: physical garden creation and work.

3.Contribute content for our bi-monthly, community garden newsletter, The Dirt.

    • Write stories: interview gardeners or farmers from the farmers market.
    • Share your garden expertise.

5. Help coordinate a composting program.

    • Help plan logistics etc.
    • Help relocate compostable food bank product from TAFB to partner sites. (Will need truck and/or trailer.)
    • Help recruit and coordinate volunteers.

6. Help create and/or teach Community Garden Educational classes.*

    • Help design and write a month-by-month gardening in North Texas class series.
    • Coordinate projects and materials.
    • Assist at classes.
    • Teach classes on your garden-related expertise.

7. Volunteer to help manage website.

    • Locate, communicate with and add community garden locations to Google Maps feature.
    • Write a blog or source someone to write a blog.
    • Research garden-related classes and events to put into our community calendar.

*Previous gardening experience required fro this role.