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What does the collection and distribution of food cost?

In dollars, the cost of collecting and distributing food at Tarrant Area Food Bank can be expressed as $1.00 being equivalent to 5 meals.

To help with this cost, charities in Tarrant Area Food Bank's network pay a handling fee, called shared maintenance, ranging from 0¢ up to 18¢ per pound for canned, boxed, fresh and frozen foods. All fresh dairy products and fresh breads are exempt from the fee.

The shared maintenance fee helps defray transportation, equipment, maintenance and food handling costs. Other services, such as SNAP (food stamp) outreach for clients, nutrition information and recipes, and special training, are free to the agencies. Agencies may earn credit toward the distribution fee by having volunteers sort and box food in our warehouse.

The use of a shared maintenance fee to share operational costs is standard procedure for food banks throughout the Feeding America network. The fee enables the partner agencies and the food banks to adjust to changes in the level of need for emergency and supplemental food.