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Public events and activities benefiting Tarrant Area Food Bank, including food drives for the public and third-party promotions (mutual marketing partnerships)* as well events we host, are listed at the appropriate times of the year on the Food Bank Calendar.

The Food Bank hosts three annual fundraising events:

Fall: Kick the Can
Fall: Ride for Kids
Spring: Empty Bowls


*Mutual Marketing Partnership Form

If you are supporting Tarrant Area Food Bank by sponsoring a fundraiser, food drive or marketing campaign for the general public, please register your event by submitting a TAFB Mutual Marketing Partnership Form (see below). On this form, in addition to describing your event and its benefits for TAFB and your group or company, you may request promotion of your public event/food drive through our website and/or social media. Please understand that completion of the form does not guarantee that your event/food drive will be promoted through Food Bank marketing channels.

TAFB MMP Guidelines

TAFB MMP Application Form

For more information, please email the Marketing Office or call (817) 332-9177 x141.


Contact Us

Community Events
Francie Cooper
Community Events Director
817-332-9177, ext. 110

Food Drives

Lori Pope

Food Drive Manager

817-332-9177, ext. 102

Ride for Kids
Becky Delaune
Business Development Director
817-332-9177, ext. 132